The Fiftyfifty Makeup brand  is a concept developed to aid people in two ways; help them feel good, and help them do good. We believe that it is not just our duty, and mission, to make people feel good by delivering amazing products and providing a unique experience, but also by helping them feel good in other ways; such as doing good. With our brand, we always donate 50% of all profits to charities of a customer's choice, and when a charity is not chosen, we donate money directly to causes aiding society such as providing warm meals for people in need. As a brand, especially as a health and beauty brand, we have a social responsibility to help out in any way we can, which is why we facilitate various methods for our customers to help others by purchasing from us. Besides donating money, our makeup is also cruelty free and vegan. We do not believe that animals should be harmed in the process of making beauty supplies, which is why we firmly insist on all of our products not doing that either.  Besides these things, we always believe that makeup is not something that should come at a high cost, as it is a form of therapy for many people out there; any and everyone should be able to enjoy makeup, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender or other things. With that comes the aim to provide high quality makeup at an affordable price, which is precisely what we believe in and do. 

Makeup does more than just enhancing people's beauty. It is a form of therapy for many and makes people feel good. This is why, we as a brand, focus on making people feel good in more than just the ways mentioned above. We focus on mental health and raising awareness whilst providing a safe community for makeup artists (and others!) by giving them a safe space to express themselves and share whatever it is they wish to share, all through the power of makeup.

We're more than just an ordinary makeup brand.