The Aphrodite Palette is inspired by the Greek godess of Love. In Greek mythology, she had many lovers, enemies and gorgeous posession that all were true to who she was. We took all of this, and made it into a palette.

Swan: In Greek mythology, Aphrodite rode through the skies on a swan like carriage. 

Hermes: Aphrodite loved Adonis. She saw him when he was born and determined then that he should be hers. She assigned Persephone to his care, but Persephone fell in love with Adonis also and would not give him back. Finally, Zeus had to mediate. He judged that Adonis should spend half the year with each.

Adonis: Aphrodite was both Adonis’s lover and his surrogate mother. This led to a feud with Persephone in which Zeus decreed Adonis should spend half of the year with Aphrodite and half of the year with Persephone.

Harmonia: One of Aphrodite's daughters

Zeus: The father of Aphrodite.

Seduction: Something Aphrodite was an expert in.

Cupid: One of Aphrodite's sons.

Venus: Her Roman name.

Dione: The mother of Aphrodite.

For more information, go to: https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net/goddesses/aphrodite/