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Frequently asked questions

How do I add a new question?

Contact us with your question and when its asked more often, we'll add it!

How long does it take to receive my order?

We ship out our orders once per week, we do this to keep our costs low and your shipping price low as well, and to limit our impact on the environment. This means that it takes 2-5 working days for your order to be processed, and depending on where you live, you can receive your order within 1 working day of shipment (+/- 1 day). The presale orders however will take approximately one week more to receive, as these orders are placed before the merchandise has arrived, if you have any other questions about this please don't hestitate to contact us! We're here to help you :) Below you can find a list of approximate shipping times: Netherlands: 1 working day United Kingdom: 1-4 working days United States: 5-10 working days Germany: 2-5 working days Belgium: 2-5 working days Sweden: 3-9 working days Italy: 3-9 working days Canada: 8-15 working days Rest of Europe: 3-9 working days Rest of the World: 5-15 working days

How do I know you donate the money to charity?

Every period, depending on the amount of orders (month or quarter of a year) we publish what percentage of the profits went to which charity. We show you exactly how many people chose which charity, so you know where the money went!

Is the makeup vegan?

Yes, our makeup is vegan!

What are the rules for the giveaways?

The giveaway is for the Netherlands only unless stated explicitely that it is an international giveaway. The winner(s) will be picked randomly, and they will be informed accordingly. Check out our Instagram for more information! www.instagram.com/fiftyfiftymakeup

Where are you located?

We're located in the Netherlands! This is also why we offer optional free shipping to the Netherlands :)

Where can I find more information about offers?

Our Facebook and Instagram page provide detailed information about all offers. So does our website (this). If you have any questions or you think something might be wrong, please reach out via our chat or send us a message via a social media platform or email! For free shipping: When we offer free worldwide shipping, standard shipping is automatically applied unless we feel it is necessary that other methods should be applied due to the distance of the order! If you'd like more information about this, please contact us!

Do you ship worlwide?

Yes! We ship to every country! There are a variety of shipping options available (with price differences depending on the type of shipping you'd like), if you'd rather us ship with a different courier other than the one that is listed, don't hestitate to contact us!