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@snwmakeup| Mental Health Awareness|Eye close-ups

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'' Hi! Welcome to my Fiftyfifty Makeup Lookbook Page.  Here you'll see looks I create with makeup from Fiftyfifty, tell you about my opinions and discuss topics that interest me and how they relate to this brand!''

                   - Sanne (SnwMakeup)

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'' The first products I ever purchased from this brand were the Aphrodite Palette and the Yellow Gold Pressed Powder Highlighter''

Snw Makeup Aphrodite 1.png
Snw Makeup Aphrodite Photo.png

''Here you can see how I I've used the two products. The Yellow Gold highlighter I've used mostly in my inner corner and brownbone. From the Aphrodite Palette I've used the shades Cupid, Seduction, Adonis and Dione. I LOVE this Palette! Gorgeous bright colours, from matte to shimmers and even a few pressed glitters! The shadows are pigmented and blend like a dream. Recommended!

The Yellow Gold Highlighter is an absolutely stunning colour, properly pigmented without too much glitter but more of a gorgeous shine which I absolutely adore!''

Snw Makeup Yellow Gold Highlighter 2.png

'' I seriously love this brand so much. The quality, what they stand for and what they do just resonates with me so much. And on top of that, their products are amazing. ''

Snw Makeup Zephyr Look.png
Snw Makeup Zephyr 3.png
Snw Makeup Zephyr Photo.png

''In these three looks (there are more!) I'm using Zephyr, and let me just say, these are truly stunning colours! Just like the other palettes, the shades blend amazing, yet again! The colours are pigmented and the shimmers are stunning! If you’re more into a warm reddish/ pink eye-look, this palette will work wonders for you!

Usually I don't like pressed glitters as much because they crumble.. but these are pressed in so well that they work great! I personally love that. Truly nothing bad to say about this palette.''

Snw Makeup Zephyr 4.png

'' Check out the looks I did with Desert below, another gorgeous palette! Especially when you’re like me and are totally into warm tones. The matte colours blend amazingly, the shimmers are gorgeous and the pressed glitter (Dhabab) makes every eyeshadow look with this palette look like a party! Personally, I love the fact that there are many matte shades in this palette, in that way you can create a lot of looks with this ‘’small’’ palette!''

Snw Makeup Desert 1.png
Snw Makeup Desert Picture.png
Snw Makeup Desert 2.png

'' I hope more people discover this brand,  as said before I love their products and what they stand for.''

''Absolute favourites! These Liquid Metallic Eyeshadows are RIDICULOUSLY pigmented, sparkly, and full coverage. I use these all the time and the variation is endless!  The colours are gorgeous, the liquid doesn’t feel heavy on your lids and it stays on for however long you want! A big fat A+!!''

Snw Makeup Metallic Eyeshadow Black
Snw Makeup Metallic Eyeshadow 6.png
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