Our Liquid Highlighters provide you with the ultimate glow with the minimal effort. Only one drop is needed to create an amazing and long lasting glow, meaning that you can use this product for almost a year! It comes in 7 gorgeous colours:

#1: A nude glow; perfect for applying on your natural skin or makeup, gives a natural glow that can be made as extreme as you want! Complements each and every skin tone!
#2: A gorgeous pink; this can be used as a blush highlight, on your lips or even on your eyes! Whatever you do, you will glow!
#3: A cool bluel; feeling fantasy like or want to jazz up your look? This glow is perfect for you! The blue does not stay as blue when blending out, providing a subtle tone and adding the perfect glow to your makeup.
#4: A deep tanned colour; This colour is perfect for our melanin rich babes, or it can be used as a bronzer! The darker colour does not take away the glow, it glows just as much as all of our other colours!
#5: A nude glow with a hint of pink: Is #2 too extreme for you, #1 to subtle, or do you just want to warm up your look and add the perfect amount of pink? This colour is made for you! This nude glow comes with a hint of pink, complementing lighter skin tones and adding an amazing glow!
#6: A peachy highlight; perfect for everyone who wants to add a tad of warmth to their look wihtout wanting to go bronze, or to add a lighter highlight for deeper skin tones!
#8: The ultimate yellow gold highlight; the yellow is subtle when blended out, giving a yelow golden illusion with the ultimate glow to your look!

All highlighters are infused with jojoba oil which is beneficial for the skin.

Illuminator Drops